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Fintech and technology

For later stage Fintech companies we can help in particular with strategic projects such as market entry or choice of main regulatory base. If you are an early stage company we can also help you in system architecture, vendor selection, and product design. For established companies we can also help getting into Fintech or crypto.

We mostly advise on fintech and technology more generally when it fits into our core area of expertise, ie crypto, blockchain, and capital markets systems. Due to our long experience in technology design, and our proficiency in modern technology stacks, we also can support buyers of technology services more general in their vendor selection process and the associated architectural phase. Example projects include

  • A challenger bank is considering offering services in the crypto space but are too thinly stretched to fully evaluate this proposal from all angles. We can either support them in that evaluation process or run it entirely, making sure that is makes sense and is optimised from a strategic, economic and regulatory point of view

  • A traditional private bank wants to get into the issuance of crypto tokens; we can help them choose the right technology for this in light of their strategic needs, applicable regulations and their internal systems architecture

  • A company in the intellecutal property space wants to redesign their systems with a view to later more efficiently monetise those rights. We can support them in the vendor selection, contract structuring and system architecture process. We can also support them throughout the process ensuring that the development effort remains on track in line with the company’s expectations

Our approach in this area is a high level strategic approach. For example we place ourselves between non-technological buyers and technology vendors to ensure that (a) the communication is smooth an both sides understand each other, and (b) the deliverable needs the commercial needs of our client.

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