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Our core strategic work is designed around offensive Blue Ocean growth strategies and Designg Thinking / Agile processes. For established companies we can also look at strategic defenses against market Disruption. Our core strength is not only our thorough understanding of strategic frameworks and their application, but also our outstanding domain knowledge.

We can assist our clients in strategic topics. Our core area of strategic expertise is innovation strategy, so we are most useful supporting early or later stage start-ups as well as large established companies. Our core expertise lies in technology, finance, risk and regulations so our strategy work will generally touch at least one of those areas. Example projects include

  • A regulated financial services start-up is looking at international expansion and is considering which markets to enter and in which sequencing and timing. Because of regulatory requirements that typically requires a substantial leadtime, especially if EU passporting rules do not apply, and it also comes at a significant cost. We can help our clients helping to decide which markets to enter and how to pursue the market entry both on the regulatory and the customer marketing side.

  • A midsized manufacturer of solar installation systems wants to expand its market penetration into “blue-ocean non-customer” segments. We can help our clients identify and validate those segments (eg home owners; emerging markets village communities) and we can also help them address the lack of financing through tokenisation if need be.

  • An established second tier private bank is looking at the threats and opportunities that crypto assets and tokenisation pose to their business model. We can help them work on their offensive and defensive strategies in this respect, and we can integrate project into a wider executive education effort together with our partner University of Nicosia

Whilst we are open to tailor our approach to the client at hand, our favority tools of the trade are Kim & Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy, ie how a company can open up adjacent and only lightly competitive markets and what we see as close cousin of this, Clayton’s Disruption; our signature Internal / External Analysis which is a SWOT analysis on steroids and which we still consider the swiss army knife of strategic frameworkss; and finally Design Thinking and Agile Development. We have solid experience applying and teaching those frameworks – for example it is a key component of Stefan Loesch’s Security Token Strategy course at University of Nicosia, and we have made very good experiences with out for develop and formulate company strategies.

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